Alan Keyes warns of Sarah Palin’s connection to George Soros

November 19, 2010 4:51 pm ET by Oliver Willis

As we’ve previously noted, there is a connection between Sarah Palin and philanthropist George Soros in the form of Palin adviser Randy Scheunemann – whose firm has been paid at least $150,000 by Soros’ Open Society Policy Center for work related to promoting democracy in Burma. So far, this revelation has escaped the attention of Glenn Beck, who has made chalkboard examples of others with much less concrete connections to Soros.

But Alan Keyes, conservative activist and serial Republican presidential candidate, has taken note of Palin’s Soros tie in his most recent column for World Net Daily:

While Glenn Beck was focusing on George Soros as the Machiavellian "eminence grise" behind a whole slew of Democratic left-wingers, Justin Elliot, a commentator at, wryly made note of the fact that "one of Sarah Palin’s top aides has been on Soros’ payroll for years. That would be Republican lobbyist Randy Scheunemann, Palin’s foreign-policy adviser and a member of her small inner circle." Not surprisingly, Scheunemann is one of the advisers Palin acquired through her association with John McCain. McCain’s creative reliance on George Soros as a source of funds for his political advisers and associates is well-documented and ought to be well-known.

Considering the source, I’m sure many wishful and well-intentioned Palin fans will be moved brusquely to dismiss this information as an isolated fact being exploited (as usual) by another one of Palin’s leftist abusers. Yet the telltale flaw in Palin’s supposedly conservative credentials is a proven penchant for relying on advisers who mislead her into decisions that are anything but conservative. I have thoroughly analyzed the results in a number of articles you can read at my blog, Loyal to Liberty – Palin drops the other shoe," "Sarah Palin — personally pro-life, but …?" "Is Palin’s lead a pitfall for the pro-life cause?" "Why is Palin raising McCain?" and "Palin’s choice: An afterword."

George Soros provides funding resources for activism that undermines the American constitutional republic. The details of his largesse confirm the fact that this activism is at work in both the Democratic and Republican parties. With one hand Soros instigates the openly leftist push for global, totalitarian socialism characteristic of the Obama faction. With the other he quietly promotes the self-serving crypto-socialist agendas that hide behind the mask of conservative rhetoric put on by Republican leaders in the McCain/Palin mold. As a result, in 2008 the sham two-party system offered a choice between the Soros-backed partisan network of John McCain and the Soros-backed partisan network of Barack Obama. Will a GOP nominee like Palin assure the same sham alternative in 2012?

Keyes is sounding a warning to his fellow conservatives about the Palin-Soros connection, how much longer will Beck ignore this?


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