China Protests: Explosion Targeting Government Building

Explosion Targeting Government Building Injures Two in Tianjin, China
From: NTDTV | Jun 13, 2011 | 83 views

On Friday an explosion was set off at the Tianjin City government building in China, injuring at least two people. It’s yet another case of civilian terrorism stemming from resentment against Chinese officials.

The grenades thrown were homemade and caused surface-level injuries. According to witnesses, plainclothes police in the area quickly took control of the situation. Internet users posted that the bomber had brought 16 grenades.

Tianjin authorities took a phone interview, but did not confirm the witness accounts, only saying they were (quote) “unclear.”

According to state media, a suspect was arrested on Saturday. He had been having family and gambling problems, and wanted (quote) “revenge against society.”

This is the first time a Chinese Communist Party’s city-level government has been attacked like this. Some netizens in China celebrated the attack as a sign of rebellion, but the online posts were quickly removed.

This incident follows a similar event last month, where a man set off three bombs in southern China’s Fuzhou, killing himself and three others. (less info)

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