Videos-Cyber Attacks: US and Canada

The Canadian government has confirmed that its computer systems have fallen victim to what they call “significant” cyber attacks.
Hackers using China-based servers reportedly broke into computer systems at key Canadian ministries last month.
And now authorities say more protection measures are needed.

Al Jazeera’s Imtiaz Tyab reports.

Lockheed Martin says it was attacked by hackers, but managed to fend off the cyber assault. The world’s largest defense contractor said Saturday it fought off a “tenacious” cyber attack last week. Lockheed Martin Corp ..

We take a look beyond the headlines at increasing concerns over cyber-security, a problem that was recently highlighted by an online assault on Google from China. This event added to fears about a digital attack that could cripple the information superhighway. For more, Martin Savidge interviews James Lewis.…

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