Hackers might have skeleton key to defense contractor systems

By William Jackson

Jun 01, 2011

Information taken in a data breach at EMC’s RSA Security division earlier this year is believed to have been used against contractor L-3 Communications, and that attack follows a similar recent one against contracting giant Lockheed Martin.

The L-3 attack was reported May 27 by Reuters, which said attackers reportedly were able to spoof the pass code from an RSA SecurID token.

Similar data is believed to have been used in an attempt May 21 to access Lockheed Martin, which the company described as a “significant and tenacious attack on its information systems network.” A third defense contractor, Northrop Grumman, may also have been attacked. Fox News reported that the company shut down remote access to its network May 26. Northrop hasn’t commented on the report.


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