Montana Life Begins at Conception Initiative (2012)

From Ballotpedia (It appears that opponents may block an initiative even if it has the required signatures, by opposing the measure’s “language”.)

A Montana Life Begins at Conception Initiative may appear on the 2012 ballot in the state of Montana as a proposed initiated constitutional amendment. The measure would amend the Montana Constitution to say that human life begins at fertilization. Two different groups filed proposed language for three different versions of a pro-life amendment (Issue #2, Issue #3 and Issue #5). In July 2010, they joined forces behind a fourth proposed amendment, Issue #4 for the 2010 ballot. The primary sponsor of the initiative was Montana ProLife Coalition.[1][2][3][4][5]

Steve Bullock, Montana’s Attorney General, approved the ballot language during the week of September 4, 2009. However, opponents stated that the proposed ballot measure’s language was misleading and also did not take into consideration a woman’s right to privacy. An effort in Montana in 2008 to qualify the Montana Right To Life Initiative for the ballot was unsuccessful in collecting sufficient signatures to earn a spot on the ballot. The measure did not collect enough signatures to qualify it for the ballot. According to reports, the effort was about 6,000 signatures short of making the ballot. The initiative’s sponsors will now try for the 2012 ballot.[6][7][8]

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