Expose the Truth: Palestine offered statehood in 1947 by UN – rejected

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November 29, 2012

Israel, the Palestinians, and Hamas

My encounter with a pro-Palestinian protestor

by Guy Rodgers Executive Director

Dear Pamela,

On September 11th I was one of the speakers at a news conference and rally in Tampa, Florida.

About 30 protestors showed up—a microcosm of the arrogance, ignorance, and anger so prevalent among rabid apologists for radical Islam.

One of the young protestors was telling anyone who would listen that Israel was an illegetimate terrorist state and an occupier that was oppressing the Palestinians.

I decided to wade in.

As several people looked on, I asked him, “Are you aware that in 1947 the United Nations passed a resolution that created the state of Israel?”

To his credit, he calmed down and answered, “no, I wasn’t.”

I then asked him, “Are you aware that this same resolution, also called the ‘Partition Resolution,’ created a state for the Arab Palestinians?”

Again he answered, “no, I wasn’t.”

I then asked, “Are you aware that the Arab nations in the region rejected the Partition Resolution, which included a state for the Palestinians, and went to war against Israel in 1948?”

Once again, not surprisingly at this point, he answered, “no.”

I then concluded, “If the Arab nations had accepted the Partition Resolution there would today be a separate state for the Palestinians. Israel is not to blame for this failure and the ongoing propaganda effort aimed at Israel is based either in ignorance or willful deception. You would do well to study the history before throwing yourself into the pro-Palestinian cause.”

We discovered this same ignorance or whitewash of history during our review of 38 public school textbooks that culminated in the ACT! for America Education report titled “Education or Indoctrination? The Treatment of Islam in 6th through 12th Grade American Textbooks.”

The textbooks routinely omitted key, significant historical facts about the creation of Israel—facts without which it’s impossible to understand the nature of the conflict today.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority refuse to officially recognize Israel’s right to exist. Hamas publicly calls for the destruction of Israel. How can a peace treaty ever be negotiated and honored in good faith by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority so long as they hold to these positions?

Israel is America’s one true, democratic ally in the Middle East. What’s more, it’s on the front line, the “canary in the coal mine,” in the global struggle to repel the threat of radical Islam.

This is why ACT! for America will continue to stand with and support Israel in its legal and rightful struggle to survive—including defending itself against Hamas and the rockets it has rained down on innocent Israeli civilians.

  • This is why we actively expose the Saudi money machine that has turned many of our colleges and universities into beachheads for rabid pro-Palestinian activism and militant Muslim Students Association chapters.
  • This is why one of our objectives is revisions to public school textbooks so that students will read the true, factual 20th century history of the Middle East and Israel.
  • And this is why we support whatever effort is necessary to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. A nuclear-armed Iran, with its support of Hamas and its proxy army Hezbollah, is categorically unacceptable to Israel, unacceptable for future stability in the Middle East, unacceptable with respect to America’s national security, and unacceptable for world peace.

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