Nov 1, 2012- NJ Salem Nuclear plant – broken water pumps

Report: Wave took out 5 of 6 critical pumps that cool reactor at NJ’s Salem nuclear plant — Still operating on emergency cooling systems — Was at 100% power — NRC yet to inform public

Title: Salem Nuclear Plant Still Offline, Broken Water Pumps <>
Source: SimplyInfo
Date: Nov. 1, 2012
h/t Anonymous tip

We reported last night that the Salem nuclear plant didn’t just suffer water intakes clogged with debris from Hurricane Sandy but a wave also took out 5 of the 6 critical water pumps. These pumps pull water from the river to cool the reactor. Five pumps were damaged, the operator was in the process of repairing those pumps. […]

As of November 1st there has been no unusual event declared and the NRC has not informed the public of the broken water pumps that feed water to cool the reactor. Salem is still operating on emergency cooling systems. The Platts report is the only mention of what is going on at the plant. The plant operator has not given the public this information, only industry insiders like Platts have had this knowledge. […]

PSEG ran Salem unit 1 at 100% power as Sandy hit knowing full well that it was a sure thing that the intakes would be clogged requiring the reactor to go into emergency shutdown. instead of reducing power as some of the other nearby reactors did, PSEG chose the far riskier option of running at full power and play a game of chicken with a hurricane. […]

Platts <> : There is no estimate of when Salem-1 will return to service, PSEG Nuclear spokesman Joseph Delmar said in an email Wednesday morning. […] Waves hit the plant’s circulating water building, requiring the shutdown, PSEG Nuclear chairman and CEO Ralph Izzo said during a press teleconference Wednesday morning. One of five pumps has been repaired, and the other four are expected to be repaired Wednesday, Izzo said. He did not say when Salem-1 is expected to return to service.

See also: Feds: "Atmospheric steam dump" at New Jersey nuclear plant — All 6 circulators lost at Salem due to debris, high river level <>

This quote says it all:
Helen Caldicott: Well, it’s the same way they built nuclear weapons. You know I called one of my first books ‘Missile Envy’ a la Freud. And that’s what it is.

I think the etiology or the cause of this nuclear illness is the reptilian mid-brain of some men’s minds. And it’s very interesting to read about the latest physiology of the brain. The limbic system which produces a hormone which is rather like morphia – the two instincts which generate that wonderful hormone that makes you feel terrific in men, are sex and violence. Intrinsic in nuclear weapons, and nuclear power which is an off-shoot of nuclear weapons, it’s the same technology – is violence.

If the presentation of anti-nuclear advocate,
Dr. Helen Caldicott on the longterm effects
of the nuclear fallout from the two largest
nuclear disasters in the past 25 years
doesn’t scare you then, nothing will.

Caldicott goes into the particulars of which
nuclides (fallout particles) cause what kinds
of cancers and genetic deformities. She declares
that if Fukushima’s Reactor number 4 collapses
into the ground, in a "China Syndrome" effect —
which is in fact, what it is in the actual process
of doing, at this very moment — that she will
evacuate her family from Boston, Massachusetts
to her native Australia, as the Northern hemisphere
will thus become uninhabitable.

Folks interested in surviving the imminent doom of
exploding cancer rates and skyrocketing incidences
of hideously deformed biology, which of course
includes human babies but also everything from
plants to bacteria may start planning on which
countries they may prefer to inhabit in the continents
and the islands off of Africa, South America and

Caldicott shows pictures of some severely
malformed children who were born in Chernobyl,
bearing the classic teratologies (birth defects)
associated with radiation poisoning. It’s not pretty.
And there are hundreds of aging nuke plants
worldwide, perched to spew unimaginably enormous
quantities of poison, should the maintenance
crews they require to operate "safely", for some
reason become indisposed — or evacuated to parts
south of the Equator.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that
the global nuclear energy complex was purposefully
designed to eventually destroy life on Earth…

Video (about 15 mins):

Helen Caldicott: "I’m NOT Fearmongering…This Is All Too Real." <>


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