Voice of America – May 9, 2012: US Administration Renews Push to Ratify Law of Sea Treaty

Voice of America – Luis Ramirez | The Pentagon


The Obama administration is beginning a new push to get the U.S. Senate to approve the 1982 United Nations Law of the Sea treaty. Administration officials said the pact is necessary to protect the U.S. Navy’s right to carry out exercises off the coast of China.

U.S. ratification of the convention has been held up over concerns among some congressional leaders who warn that the treaty threatens U.S. sovereignty and gives the United Nations too much control over oil and other mineral rights. Treaty opponents say ratifying the pact will not cause China to change its maritime claims.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, accompanied by Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey,

speaks at the Forum on the Law of the Sea Convention, May 9, 2012, in Washington.



March 6, 2012 By Rick Haven


Unable to get passage of this treaty in the 112th Congress, Barack Obama has mandated the treaty with Executive Order #13574 on July 19, 2011. The thirty days for the US Senate Judiciary Committee and Chairman Comrade Patrick Leahy to question this executive order has now passed while we were worried about the effects of Hurricane Irene. The UN’s National Ocean Council now has control over America’s oceans, coastlines and the Great Lakes. Under this new council, America’s oceans and coastlines will be broken into 9 regions that include the North East, Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, the Gulf Coast, West Coast, the Great Lakes, Alaska, the Pacific Islands (including Hawaii) and the Caribbean….

The coastlines of some thirty states are now under the jurisdiction and subject to the United Nations’ Law Of Sea Treaty (LOST) in this UN Agenda 21 program.

The cost to American taxpayers for the Law of the Sea Treaty is now estimated at $900 billion. Only when the American people can control the system of taxation, as with the Fair Tax, and thereby the monies going into Washington, DC, will treaties such as these become a moot point. Neither the United Nations nor any other international organization has any means to tax the American people for their international programs. Only when the United Nations, knowing full well that the United States Congress no longer has a blank check from the American people, will these programs evolve. Until that time we can surely count our Freedoms and Liberties as L.O.S.T.



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