New Zealand Election 2011: Greens no electoral wins, 13 “party list” seats

For the Greens, it was never going to be a win-win.

They have won a higher share of the vote than ever before with a slick, well-run campaign, scooping up more than 10 per cent of the votes, translating to an impressive 13 MPs. But National’s dominance means the Green Party faces another three years in Parliament without real clout.

Green MP Kevin Hague, third on the list, said he had voted for West Coast Labour MP Damien O’Connor and was looking forward to working with the Government on finishing the national cycleway.

He would also be pushing for "rainbow issues" such as same-sex couples’ adoption rights and alternatives to 1080.

Wellington lobbyist Mark Unsworth predicted the Greens would keep gaining ground on Labour with this term producing a power struggle for space on the front benches, with the Greens aspiring to eventually take over as the main centre-left party.

Green Party Co-leaders are: Metiria Turei and Russel Norman


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