World Affairs Brief, October 21, 2011

Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Source: Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief

There is an internet rumor circulating that “George Soros Controls All Arms & Ammo Makers in the U.S.” The only thing not confirmable in this story is the George Soros part. But it makes little difference. Soros isn’t running the globalist conspiracy. He’s only a highly placed rich man who follows orders.

The culprit of the story is Cerberus Capital Management, a big insider investment corporation, who has been involved in the buyout of government-connected Chrysler Corporation. Whether or not Soros owns anything near controlling interest I could not confirm, but it is doubtful.

What is disturbing is that Cerberus is involved in mercenary type companies like Dyncorp which are black ops and dirty trick companies. No one is able to control companies like these unless they are insider connected. Cerberus owns the Freedom Group which has been buying up American gun and ammunition manufactures for some years and now owns so many that it could single-handedly shut down a major portion of private citizen’s access to guns and ammunition.

The misnamed “Freedom Group” owns, Bushmaster Arms, Marlin, Remington, DPMS, Dakota Arms, H&R., DPMS Panther Arms, NEF, LC Smith, Parker, AAC, Barnes Bullets, EOTAC, and INTC.

Cerberus has an occult meaning that seems very appropriate for what it is involved in. Cerberus was a three-headed demon hound in Roman mythology that guarded the Gates of Hell to prevent damned souls who have just crossed the river Styx, from escaping back to the world. Very telling!

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