Taiwan: NSC official Evan Medeiros played key role in blocking sale of F-16s to Taiwan

East-Asia-Intel.com, July 27, 2011

A key player involved in the Obama administration’s policy of refusing to sell needed arms to Taiwan was identified by The Washington Times last week as

Evan S. Medeiros, a pro-China academic on the White House National Security Council staff.

Medeiros has sought to influence U.S. security policy toward China by opposing plans and policies by those who favor more U.S. support for Japan and India. The dispute has brought him into several policy clashes with other Asia hands in the State Department, Pentagon and military and even the White House.

Medeiros is being blamed for blocking the release to Congress of the Pentagon’s annual report on the Chinese military, to avoid upsetting the Chinese, who routinely denounce the report. He is also being blamed for preventing the U.S. sale of 66 advanced F-16 jets to Taiwan that is expected to anger Beijing and for holding up a new sale of equipment to upgrade Taiwan’s existing F-16s.

U.S. government sources say he has used bureaucratic delaying tactics to block the release of a second Pentagon report to Congress on the shifting air power balance in the Taiwan Strait.

An a military official called Medeiros "a nuisance" for his efforts to influence the work of a secret Pentagon task force developing a new Air-Sea Battle concept to better coordinate the Navy and Air Force in the Pacific.

Other China specialists in the intelligence community say Medeiros advocates an ideological view that exaggerates Chinese sensitivities to any U.S. effort to deal realistically with India, Japan and others in addressing the China threat.



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