Bilderberg Meeting June 2011 – St Moritz

Thursday, March 17th, 2011
Secret Bilderberg Meeting Location Found (June 2011)
James P. Tucker
American Free Press

The shadowy group known as Bilderberg will be gathering this year for its annual meeting at the resort city of St. Moritz, in southeastern Switzerland June 9-12, but they will have a lot of company.

St. Moritz is a short distance from Davos, the site of the regular high-priced meeting of thousands of bankers, political leaders and other notables called the World Economic Forum. But unlike at Davos, where the press is always welcome, Bilderberg still tries to maintain absolute secrecy.

The Bilderberg group meets behind closed doors in fancy hotels, with the facility closed to the public and surrounded by armed guards—a clear sign of just how “democratic” its arrangement is. Members have been meeting that way since 1954, functioning as a global planning commission to lay down basic policies that the nations of the world are fully expected to follow, bro adly covering the monetary and political realms, as well as other realms.

We believe we have nailed down the five-star resort where they will be holding up, but have yet to confirm it.

Look for more details in the coming week as we continue to work to expose this shadowy organization.

– James P. Tucker
AFP Editor Emeritus
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