Earthquake Prediction March 19-26 – West Coast

1. Prediction of earthquakes on the West Coast – March 19-26th

2. March 19-26, 2011: ‘Seismic window’ coinciding with the March 19 super moon

3. “Millions of dead fish at King Harbor in Redondo Beach” CA- March 8, 2011 – (massive ‘fish kills’, or whale beachings have preceded other major earthquakes)

Earthquake Prediction 2011 Jim Berkland – A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent

The methodology of Ken Ring concerning earthquakes, solar flares, etc. is explained in this article—very interesting:


Predictions by former USGS scientist Jim Berkland

Berkland predicted, based on several factors, an earthquake will strike the West Coast sometime between March 19 and the 26th. Berkland focused on the massive fish kill at Redondo Beach in California which occurred on March 8 and the ‘massive fish sweep’ in Mexico, and the recent sighting of whales ‘close to San Diego’.

‘The months of October, March, and April are the three most devastating earthquakes in terms of damage in the San Francisco Bay area, in history. And, we’re having on the 19th of this month not only the full moon, but within an hour the closest approach of the moon until the year 2016. And the next day is the equinoctial tide bringing together three of the maximum tide raising forces and we know about the ocean tides but there’s also an earth tide and there’s a tide in the groundwater and all of these help to release built up strain and cause earthquakes.



· Whenever massive ‘fish kills’ have occurred there has been a depletion of oxygen in the water


· Facts: What Causes Oxygen Depletion?

· 107 whales died on New Zealand beach 02/21/11 –Chch quake occurred the next day 02/22/11. (although: whale beachings are fairly common in NZ)

· Around 170 whales died in Australia and New Zealand in the months before the underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean 2004

· Dr Arunachalam Kumar, a professor from India, believes there is a connection between the beaching of marine mammals and earthquakes.


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