Obama accepts prospect of nuclear-armed Iran

US official language reflects the administration’s policy turnabout on Iran. March 7, Washington announced that the USS Monterey guided missile cruiser, whose Aegis radar can monitor long- and short-range ballistic missiles and transmit the data to interceptor missile ground stations, would be deployed in the Mediterranean. "The US has started implementing its plan to protect Europe from a potential Iranian nuclear threat."
debkafile notes that all past references to the US nuclear shield for Europe referred to Iranian ballistic missiles – never a nuclear threat.
Our military sources note that one of the key ground stations to which the Monterey’s radar is linked is the X-band forward radar station located in the Israeli Negev near the Egyptian border, which in turn is connected to Israel Arrow anti-missile missile batteries designed especially to shoot down Iranian ballistic missiles.
The closer the Iranian nuclear menace comes to reality, the further it recedes from Israeli political and media rhetoric. Obama’s fundamental policy shift on the subject is bad news for Israel in general and at this time in particular, because his support for the Arab Revolt is seen by Israeli and moderate Arab rulers as further evidence of a White House decision to strengthen Iran, which profits hugely from their losses.

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