New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R): We ‘are not under-taxed; the government has simply over-spent’

This is a great speech with great new policies for the economy and security of New Mexico.

State of the State Address by New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, as provided by her office

Lieutenant governor; Senate president pro tem; Mr. Speaker; Democratic and Republican leaders; esteemed members of the New Mexico legislature; honorable members of the judiciary; former governors; distinguished guests; the state’s first gentleman, my husband, Chuck Franco; my fellow New Mexicans.

Thank you for the high honor of addressing you this afternoon. It is my privilege to stand before you as New Mexico’s 27th Governor.

I would like to begin by taking a moment of silence to remember our neighbors in Tucson, Arizona, who were the victims of a brutal and heinous act of violence. We grieve for those whose lives were cut short. And we pray for those who have lost loved ones and are recovering from their injuries.

Today, we begin to write a new chapter in New Mexico’s history. By working together, we will take our state in a new direction: embracing bold change over the status quo, choosing progress over complacency and putting aside partisan differences to achieve lasting results for New Mexico families.

As I said during the campaign, the challenges that confront us cannot be overcome by simply replacing one party with another. They can only be overcome when Republicans and Democrats -– the governor and the Legislature –- come together to put New Mexico first.

I am committed to doing just that; and I ask you to join me. It’s easier to take the reins when times are good. When revenues are high and jobs are plentiful. But, that’s not the hand we are dealt.

We face a tough road ahead, one which demands shared sacrifice. But that tough road can turn into a path to prosperity if we have the courage to take decisive action. As I said in my inaugural address, these challenges shouldn’t scare us. They should inspire us to step forward and prove equal to the task.

This is what New Mexicans have done in the past. And this is what we will do now.

That is why during these difficult times, we must be grateful for this opportunity to lead because it has been given to us at a time of great consequence. At a time when it matters most. And with that, we must turn to the issue that supersedes all others when it comes to the state of the state.

And we must not sugarcoat it: New Mexico is in a state of financial crisis.

We face an historic budget deficit that will require candor to address and courage to resolve. No more shell games. No more rosy projections. We must tell New Mexicans the truth: Our financial house is a mess and it’s time we clean it up.

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