‘ObamaCare’ is Wrong for Arizona


September 13, 2010

PHOENIX – “Arizona has a long and proud history of fighting the Washington, D.C. elite’s insatiable appetite for bigger government at the cost of States’ rights. The battle over the Affordable Care Act better known as “ObamaCare” is the latest round. Once again, the feds have gone too far.

“The cost of ObamaCare places unsustainable burdens on our federal government, our state government, and on American families. Further, the scheme is based on the unconstitutional mandate that every American buy health insurance. For these reasons, the State of Arizona, at my direction, has joined nineteen other states in challenging ObamaCare in federal court in the Northern District of Florida.

“Shortly after the states filed their suit, President Obama directed his counsel at the Department of Justice to file a motion to dismiss the case. The federal district court in Florida will hear arguments this Tuesday, September 14, on whether the states’ challenge to ObamaCare may move forward. I have no doubt that Arizona and the other states will ultimately prevail in striking down the most oppressive provisions of ObamaCare. The Act is simply unreasonable, unsustainable and unconstitutional.

“The costs of ObamaCare are indefensibly high and unsustainable. The current federal budget deficit will exceed $1.3 trillion. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the ten year deficit is another $6.2 trillion. This is not the time for America to be expanding entitlement programs, and thereby shackling our country to ever expanding debt obligations. Instead, the federal government should follow Arizona’s example and cut spending. America needs a long-term plan that will balance our federal budget and bring stability to our economy.

Full article: http://janbrewer.com/article/obamacare-is-wrong-for-arizona-and-wrong-for-america-federal-hearing-tuesday


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