Glenn Beck on the EPA Ruling

EPA: Air is Dangerous

December 8, 2009 – 13:44 ET
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Glenn: If you look at what happened yesterday, the stories that broke yesterday with the EPA, the EPA now saying that they’re going to regulate CO2, Congress coming out, John Kerry — do we have any of the statements, Pat?

Pat: Yeah. I have John Kerry’s statement. He said — we don’t have the audio. It’s just a release.

Glenn: Uh-huh. Pat: This is a clear message — in his voice, This is a clear message to “Copenhogen” of the Obama administration’s commitment to address global climate change and a clear signal to Congress of the importance of passing comprehensive climate energy legislation. Glenn: Let me translate. We’re —

Pat: This is blackmail. Glenn: Yes. Pat: This President and this Congress are black mailing the American people.

Glenn: Here’s — here’s — here’s how it works: They are — they’re telling us now that if Congress doesn’t pass cap and trade, we’ll just have cap. That’s what they’re saying.

Glenn: And it will destroy the economy. What’s interesting to me is somehow or the other Congress, who is becoming more and more irrelevant every single day, they’re trying to make you believe that they can’t control the EPA. All they have to do is pass a law saying, no, the EPA’s not doing that, period, and it’s over. Instead, they set up this false premise that you have to pass cap and trade because what the EPA is going to do is worse because they’re out of control. Excuse me? The EPA is out of control? Then maybe Congress should abolish the EPA. Maybe Congress should abolish the ability for the EPA to control the economy. It’s just that easy, but they don’t think anybody is going to see that. You have the FTC now, the FTC is going to just move ahead with regulation with neutrality because Congress just isn’t moving fast enough. Your Congressmen, your senators are being spineless weasels and they are allowing these agencies to grow out of control. Who is in charge? I urge you. I said about a year ago you need to read a book. It’s one of the worst books — I mean, it’s horrible. It’s just — this novel is just so — oh, it’s awful. I was going to say, imagine the worst person you could imagine writing a novel. They wrote it, but then a lot of people will go, well, you,

Glenn. Imagine the worst novel you could imagine. Got it? It’s this one. It was written in the 1900’s, early 1900’s. It’s called Phillip Dru, Administrator. Why do you laugh? Pat: I read Nancy Drew. Is that — Glenn: No. It’s D-r-u. They’re different. 

Glenn: Phillip Dru, Administrator, the reason why I read that book — this was a few years ago — I was reading something on Woodrow Wilson and the book that I was reading quoted this or said that he was reading his favorite novel, Phillip Dru, blah blah blah, and Woodrow Wilson had read this book a couple of times during his administration and so I was curious. I usually — when I read books, I will highlight or dog-ear pages where it quotes another book or something that influenced their thinking and so I track a person’s thinking down by trying to read what they were reading at the time. So, since this is one of his favorite books and he read it a couple of times, I thought, I wonder what that was all about. So, I read it. It’s awful, but it is the blueprint of what we’re doing right now. Phillip Dru is just a war hero. He’s just — everybody loves him. He’s just the greatest. He doesn’t want to serve, but he will. Oh, gosh. I don’t want to be the President, but I will, because it’s the right thing for America. But Congress is so corrupt. If there was just some way to stop Congress from being so — Hey, I know. I’ll just — I’ll just put a bunch of departments in and I’ll just go over everybody’s head and I — because everybody can trust me because I’m a war hero. Gosh. And I didn’t want to serve, but I will, because I’m just like the average American Joe and then I’ll just put in some administrators and — because there won’t be any corruption. They won’t have any desire to be corrupt. Administrators? They’ll be fine. And they will write to me, the President of the United States. And so what these administrators do is, well, they go and they look at all of the different things that are going wrong. In fact, he sends 50 of them out to go look at all of states and the state Constitutions and some of these things in the State Constitutions, they’re just crazy. (Laugher.) They’re just nuts. So, our administrators will go ahead and tell those states which laws they should have and which laws they shouldn’t and just make those Constitutions, which are so old and written in such archaic language, that maybe we should just rewrite them just a little bit so everybody can understand them. And we’re just going to thank a few things and we’re also going to oversee all of the businesses and the financial sectors and everything else because they’re just — those people are just so corrupt, we need somebody pure, somebody that can restore hope, like Phillip Dru, who doesn’t want to do these things. He just has to. Does any of that sound familiar? END


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